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Flavor, meet good-for-you.

With hydrating electrolytes, essential antioxidants and zero sugar, Lemon Perfect is a deliciously refreshing cold-pressed lemon water for anyone, anytime, anywhere.




This Week's


A Chef Prepared Dinner for Two

Spaghetti &

with Garlic Bread and
Caesar Salad


Palm Desert and Palm Springs Effective: 8.14.19-8.20.19
Blue Jay Effective: 8.15.19-8.21.19

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Grilled Citrus Glazed Steelhead

A delicious balance of sweet and tangy that pairs perfectly with the rich flavors of grilled steelhead!


What is True local?

"Local" means a lot of different things to different people. Some grocery stores call produce shipped in from a five-state region "local". Call us old fashioned, but to us, if you couldn't drive there in an hour or two, it's not truly local. That's why we put a measurable standard on our True Local products: We simply won't call it True Local unless it's 100 miles or less away from our stores.

* Vineyard in Temecula, CA