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our love of
food guides us

Since 1940, our mission has been simple.

We are committed to bringing quality food to your family's table. We believe that food sustains us and brings us together. It makes our lives fuller and better.

How do we do it? Besides bringing you nationanl brands, we work with small, local producers and growers. We seek out the best and strive to create mutually beneficial relationships. We listen and educate ourselves constantly, believing that food must evolve to always be interesting, healthy, delicious and fun. With an unrelenting focus on family - both yours and ours - we are dedicated and humbled to be part of your love of food.


After achieving new heights of wellness and vitality through real-food eating, Mark Sisson set out to create the world's best-tasting, real-food pantry staples, starting with a mayonnaise made with avocado oil. Today, Primal Kitchen delivers on its promise of uncompromisingly delicious condiments, dressings/marinades, avocado oils, protein bars, collagen protein powder and bars, and whey protein that focus on fats we love, clean ingredients, and uncompromisingly delicious flavor.




This Week's


A Chef Prepared Dinner for Two


with Mashed Potatoes,
Stuffing and Gravy


Palm Desert and Palm Springs Effective: 2.19.20-2.25.20
Blue Jay Effective: 2.20.20-2.26.20

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An easy to make Italian-American fisherman’s stew that’s absolutely delicious with the right ingredients!


What is True local?

"Local" means a lot of different things to different people. Some grocery stores call produce shipped in from a five-state region "local". Call us old fashioned, but to us, if you couldn't drive there in an hour or two, it's not truly local. That's why we put a measurable standard on our True Local products: We simply won't call it True Local unless it's 100 miles or less away from our stores.

* Vineyard in Temecula, CA