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From Us, to You!

Our goal is to always offer impeccable service. In our efforts to meet the unique needs of our valued customers, we are more than happy to deliver groceries right to your door! Just submit your order below or give us a call. Your orders will be packed and delivered by our experienced drivers. From fresh flowers, to everyday grocery items, to custom gift baskets, let us bring Jensen's to you.

Jensen's delivery service is available Monday-Saturday and is offered through our Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Blue Jay stores. With the increase in home delivery we cannot guarantee same day delivery or pick up. No minimum order required. There is a $15 local delivery fee that will be applied to each order.

Orders submitted on Sunday will not be processed until Monday and will be delivered there after.

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    Prefer to order via phone or fax? Call today and speak with one of our delivery experts, or fax your order to one of the following numbers.

    Palm Springs 760.325.8282 / Fax 760.322.4703
    Palm Desert 760.346.9393 / Fax 760.776.1703
    Blue Jay 909.337.8484 / Fax 909.337.7187

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