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We’re Brining Our Corned Beef

There isn’t a more traditional Irish food than corned beef. Ok, Guinness Stout and Jameson Whiskey are, but they are technically not a food. As far as I am concerned the only real way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with corned beef done the traditional way. Jensen’s is one of the few stores left that actually corns our own beef. It is definitely not like the crap you get at the chain stores. We start with USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket and Rounds. We then mix our special brine in 50 gallon barrels using pickling spices, garlic, bay leaves and kosher salt. In goes the beef and it “corns” for three weeks. All that’s left is for you to cook it, and we have you covered there with easy instructions.

Or if you want it cooked, we will have it ready in our deli.

Everyone’s Irish on March 17, and we are happy to be part of your St. Patrick’s tradition.