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Coravin: Technology that is Wine Simple and Wine Smart!

coravin-product-imageFor centuries, the only way to enjoy a glass of wine was by removing the cork. Well, that era is over with the introduction of the Coravin.

Coravin wine access technology pours wine while leaving the cork in place, safeguarding the wine from oxidation, thus preserving it until the next glass is poured. Now you can pour, share and enjoy the same bottle or bottles on multiple occasions, over weeks, months, even longer—without wasting a drop.

The Coravin is particularly useful for those with a serious wine collections. Its allows you a “sneak peek” of older wines which in turn helps you decide when the wine is at its peak. This can also be helpful for those wines growing tired and starting to fade away. That one very special bottle you have can now be savored for years and only accesed when you desire it.

Jensen’s is proud to partner with Coravin and is one of very few wine stores to offer it. Read more about it on Coravin’s website or stop by Jensen’s for a demo and get all of your questions answered by our wine staff.

A new revolution has begun and we’re pretty excited to be a part of it!