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Category Archives: Produce


King Globe Long Stem Artichokes

Hello All,

Where has the time gone? I have been so busy with our local growers and foraging at the LA Produce Market, that I haven’t had time to give you a quick update. Jensen’s just finished with some of the sweetest “Local Grown” strawberries that were amazing! But don’t worry, as soon as the grower has sweet ripe berries again, Jensen’s will be picking them up on Fridays for your enjoyment.

The third week in February 2015 Jensen’s will once again feature the “King Globe” variety of Long Stem Artichokes. These beauties have the edible stem which is similar to eating the Heart of the Artichoke. You don’t want to miss out on these tasty treats.

One more reminder, Depending on the weather in either April or May Jensen’s will feature those “local grown” Sweet Maui Style Onions with the long green tops which are very popular among chefs and Jensen’s customers.

Well, bye for now. (Hopefully not as long!)



True Local – Coachella Valley Green Seedless Grapes

Hello again from your Fresh Produce Buyer!

While out searching our Coachella Valley for some delicious pickens… ah… pickings, I found this Organic Date farm that had these huge dates trees thriving in our desert sun. Because of their size, I know the dates will be deliciously sweet, but we will just have to wait another month or so to enjoy them when they’re harvested at their prime. What you won’t have to wait for is my local grower friends Autumn King (super sized) sweet and juicy Green Seedless Grapes. These delicious grapes will be in all of our stores by this weekend. “YOU’VE TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST” at Jensen’s Finest Foods. That’s all for now!



True Local – Coachella Valley Produce


Jimmy here, or should I say, “Mr. Coachella.” Why, you ask? Because I’ve just enjoyed eight hours in the fertile fields of our famous Coachella Valley. Starting at 6:00 AM, I began loading red, ripe, sweet watermelons. Five thousand pounds later, I proceeded to the super sweet white corn fields. After enjoying an ear of corn myself, I purchased a hundred cases with the intent of racing back to the store for all to enjoy as well. However, I received a call from one of the best grape growers in the valley, who is also my friend. Long story short, I loaded one hundred and fifty cases of sweet red, black, and green seedless grapes. Now that all these tasteful delights are at your local Jensen’s, hurry down and enjoy while supplies last.

See you next time,


True Local – Strawberries from Redlands, CA

Hello all, it’s Jimmy here.

I just got back from the fields in Redlands where I picked up the last crop of those sweet Maui Onions that you have been enjoying. While I was there, I talked the farmer into letting me purchase some of his super sweet strawberries that he sells at his fruit stand. So this week, while supplies last come on over to your favorite Jensen’s and try our local grown strawberries, blueberries (last pick of the season) and those delicious Maui Onions!!

See you next time!


True Blue Local – Blueberries from Redlands, CA

Jimmy Here! Hope all is well!

While I was traveling to pick up those awesome Maui Style Onions in Redlands I came upon a detour. My unhappiness about a longer drive quickly turned into an exciting encounter. I discovered this awesome field of blueberries! After parking, I met the grower and started sampling some of the best blueberries I have tasted.

One thing led to another and now you, our loyal Jensen’s customer, can enjoy for a limited time, fresh picked True Local grown blueberries at your favorite Jensen’s.

See you next time!!



True Local – Maui Style Onions from Redlands, CA

Hello produce enthusiasts. My name is Jim Madala and welcome to my blog. I am Jensen’s Finest Foods Produce Director, Buyer, Specialist, Truck Driver, Delivery Man “AKA” Jimmy! Why the long title? So you will be assured that my blog is first hand information that you can depend on as I actually go to the produce fields and L.A. produce market and select only the best for your enjoyment.

That said, this week you’ve got to come to your favorite Jensen’s and try our private growers culinary delight. I’m talking about Maui Style Onions with fresh green tops that are awesome chopped up and make excellent chives . The large onion bulb is the sweetest onion you have ever tasted and its uses are endless! Available at all Jensen’s locations while supplies last! See you next time!