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Cane and Fable 2013 Merlot

canefablelogoSo you say a bottle of Merlot is not quite your cup of tea? Well, we challenge you to find a California Merlot for under $20 bucks that rivals this brand new Cane and Fable 2013. It will truly make you a believer! This is their first release with the Merlot and quite frankly they have knocked it out of the park. We first tried this wine before the delivery driver even left our dock and as fast as we could pull the cork the wine was leaping out of the glass and ready to be consumed.

Drinking with incredible balance and finesse, this Merlot immediately hit us as the ultimate “Cab Lover’s Merlot”. Wonderful integrated blackberry and currant characteristics followed by sassy layers of aromatic spiciness and terroir. This wine has a sense of place, and Paso Robles, in our humble opinion, has earned its new sense of respect that’s quickly emerging because of wines just like this one.

Just like their Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot is a small production wine and won’t be around for long. We have secured a fair amount of this wine, so don’t drag your feet—grab a few bottles of this rare find for your next dinner party or just treat yourself. You deserve it!!!