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A Dozen Rose’s on Valentines Day!

This year we’re thinking a little out-of-the-box when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The idea of showing up with a dozen roses in one hand is great but why not show up with a great bottle of rose in the other? We already did hard part, putting together a dozen of our favorites that are special to us which also can’t just be found anywhere. Whether it’s a still wine or one with bubbles, more and more people are discovering just how good and inviting they are! Paired with a variety of foods and enjoyed year round, we’re convinced a new revolution has started.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to rose’s is that if it’s pink, it’s not necessarily a sweet wine. The color can be deceiving but be assured these wines are bone-dry and the furthest thing from, hate to mention it… white zinfandel. They are bursting with fresh fruit flavors of strawberries, guava and passion fruits all firmed up with a creamy texture on the finish. Rose’s won’t break the bank as some wonderful ones like the La Vieille Ferme can be found for less than ten bucks. Still a little unsure? Ask one our in-house, well trained experts to help select that perfect bottle for you then fasten your seat belt. Serve cold and experience what only few have discovered.