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La Quercia Montonico Superiore 2013 – $17.99

So, we have always been big fans of the folks at Small Vineyards Discovery, which is a group of Italian paesanos searching out the best fruit at incredible values. I found it on a wine list at a restaurant and ordered it already knowing that it was going to be a great bottle. I was right! What a fantastic little white wine!!!
 It turns out La Quercia is a type of beautiful oak tree that grows nobly on this small, intimate estate in Abruzzo. Winemaker Antonio Lamona believes in making inspired wine that respects the earth or, as he likes to say “I want to make wines that are pleasing to the body and the spirit.”

This particular wine is made of 100% Montonico, which is similar to the Chardonnay grape but these vines are centuries old. The wine is bright and crisp, with lovely floral, citrus, and salt air aromas. It’s subtle and not overpowering like a lot of new world wines can be. It was soft with some minerality, but full of flavor, I paired it with a variety of different foods and it work wonderfully especially with my salad and raviolis. So, stop in and pick up a few bottles on your next visit and experience what small vineyards has accomplished. There are many other wines available as well and are easy to find, just look for the gold sticker that says small vineyards discovery above the label near the neck of the bottle.
Ciao for now


Jensen’s Ultimate Burger Blend Ground Beef

Nothing beats a great burger. And great burgers start with the perfect blend of great USDA Choice fresh Angus beef. Jensen’s Ultimate Burger Blend is a combination of ground brisket and chuck (for flavor) blended with sirloin (for consistent texture).

We guarantee you will love this Ultimate blend for your next burger!


Jensen’s Own Applewood Smoked Bacon

Man, we love bacon. We even have our own specially created applewood smoked bacon that we use in many of our meat department and deli creations. To me, nothing is better than a thick BLT sandwich with our fresh, all natural applewood smoked bacon.

Some of the items you will find our bacon in:

  • Signature Burger Patties
  • BLT Sandwiches
  • The Gabacho Sandwich
  • Jensen’s fresh baked Bacon Bread
  • Smokehouse Bratwurst
  • Blue Cheese Potato Salad

Come in and try it today!


Copper River Salmon

Seafood lovers have turned the mid-May through mid-June Copper River salmon season into an annual celebration. Jensen’s will again be one of the very first to offer this incredible fish to you.

Copper River salmon are very strong fish with a healthy store of natural oils and fat. These qualities make them one of the richest, best tasting fish in the world. Bring some home and discover it for yourself!


Coravin: Technology that is Wine Simple and Wine Smart!

coravin-product-imageFor centuries, the only way to enjoy a glass of wine was by removing the cork. Well, that era is over with the introduction of the Coravin.

Coravin wine access technology pours wine while leaving the cork in place, safeguarding the wine from oxidation, thus preserving it until the next glass is poured. Now you can pour, share and enjoy the same bottle or bottles on multiple occasions, over weeks, months, even longer—without wasting a drop.

The Coravin is particularly useful for those with a serious wine collections. Its allows you a “sneak peek” of older wines which in turn helps you decide when the wine is at its peak. This can also be helpful for those wines growing tired and starting to fade away. That one very special bottle you have can now be savored for years and only accesed when you desire it.

Jensen’s is proud to partner with Coravin and is one of very few wine stores to offer it. Read more about it on Coravin’s website or stop by Jensen’s for a demo and get all of your questions answered by our wine staff.

A new revolution has begun and we’re pretty excited to be a part of it!



Fresh Oysters

Fresh oysters: people either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I am one of the lovers. A fresh shucked oyster with a little hot sauce and lemon simply slurped down always gets my mojo going.

All week beginning March 18 at Jensen’s Palm Desert, Palm Springs and Blue Jay we will be shucking impeccably fresh Morro Bay Grassy Bar Oysters, while supplies last. They will be available by the 1/2 dozen for a special price. You won’t find this kind of freshness at other stores, you’ll only find it at Jensen’s. Come on out and get your mojo going with fresh oysters!


Fiction Red 2013

FictionRedYes, it’s a reality! Finally a blend that’s worth getting excited about that has so much to offer. This 7th edition of Field Recordings “Fiction” red blend is sure to rock your world! It’s made up of a smattering of grape varietals ( 31% ZINFANDEL, 26% TEMPRANILLO, 10% SYRAH, 8% TOURIGA NACIONAL, 15% MOURVEDRE) by the best winemaker in Paso Robles (Andrew Jones) to form this truly unique offering. It is extremly limited at only 2800 cases produced and won’t be around for very long. This wine will pair well with most red meats, especially grilled, and any red sauce pastas. We had it with spaghetti and meatballs.

Here are Andrew’s somewhat wild but accurate tasting notes:

“Pours the color of darkest night. Heady aromas of blueberry pie, luxurious suede couches, ham paninis, unlit menthol cigarettes and roquefort tarts. Firm tannins anchor flavors of grilled meats, cherry cola, sweet carob and black licorice chews, all cased up together conveniently in a cigar humidor”

At only $17.99, how could anyone go wrong with that description?

Drink now. You know you’re going to, anyway!



We’re Brining Our Corned Beef

There isn’t a more traditional Irish food than corned beef. Ok, Guinness Stout and Jameson Whiskey are, but they are technically not a food. As far as I am concerned the only real way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with corned beef done the traditional way. Jensen’s is one of the few stores left that actually corns our own beef. It is definitely not like the crap you get at the chain stores. We start with USDA Choice Angus Beef Brisket and Rounds. We then mix our special brine in 50 gallon barrels using pickling spices, garlic, bay leaves and kosher salt. In goes the beef and it “corns” for three weeks. All that’s left is for you to cook it, and we have you covered there with easy instructions.

Or if you want it cooked, we will have it ready in our deli.

Everyone’s Irish on March 17, and we are happy to be part of your St. Patrick’s tradition.


Cane and Fable 2013 Merlot

canefablelogoSo you say a bottle of Merlot is not quite your cup of tea? Well, we challenge you to find a California Merlot for under $20 bucks that rivals this brand new Cane and Fable 2013. It will truly make you a believer! This is their first release with the Merlot and quite frankly they have knocked it out of the park. We first tried this wine before the delivery driver even left our dock and as fast as we could pull the cork the wine was leaping out of the glass and ready to be consumed.

Drinking with incredible balance and finesse, this Merlot immediately hit us as the ultimate “Cab Lover’s Merlot”. Wonderful integrated blackberry and currant characteristics followed by sassy layers of aromatic spiciness and terroir. This wine has a sense of place, and Paso Robles, in our humble opinion, has earned its new sense of respect that’s quickly emerging because of wines just like this one.

Just like their Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot is a small production wine and won’t be around for long. We have secured a fair amount of this wine, so don’t drag your feet—grab a few bottles of this rare find for your next dinner party or just treat yourself. You deserve it!!!



A Dozen Rose’s on Valentines Day!

This year we’re thinking a little out-of-the-box when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The idea of showing up with a dozen roses in one hand is great but why not show up with a great bottle of rose in the other? We already did hard part, putting together a dozen of our favorites that are special to us which also can’t just be found anywhere. Whether it’s a still wine or one with bubbles, more and more people are discovering just how good and inviting they are! Paired with a variety of foods and enjoyed year round, we’re convinced a new revolution has started.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to rose’s is that if it’s pink, it’s not necessarily a sweet wine. The color can be deceiving but be assured these wines are bone-dry and the furthest thing from, hate to mention it… white zinfandel. They are bursting with fresh fruit flavors of strawberries, guava and passion fruits all firmed up with a creamy texture on the finish. Rose’s won’t break the bank as some wonderful ones like the La Vieille Ferme can be found for less than ten bucks. Still a little unsure? Ask one our in-house, well trained experts to help select that perfect bottle for you then fasten your seat belt. Serve cold and experience what only few have discovered.